Which Cable is Best?

Why Choosing High Spec Ethernet Cable Pays Off

So just what is CAT 7 cabling? The latest 7 category cable, known more often as CAT 7, is the latest high spec cable used for the cable infrastructure of todays gigabit ethernet.

Todays CAT 7 cabling is able to offer internet users a performance of as much as 6000MHz. So with that in mind, it is the only cable that we would recommend when deciding to wire you modern smart home.

So is there any difference between CAT 5, 6 or 7 cable? And is it worth the additional cost to use a CAT 7 cable over its alternatives?

CAT 7 cabe gibsontech

The newer CAT 7 ethernet cable is different in a few ways from even its more recent predecessors, and probably it's greatest improvement is in its advanced shielding of the twisted pairs, something that improves its noise resistance many times over.

It is also far more durable, can be expected to last far longer, and although it is more expensive, will offer a better return on the investment when planning for the future.

4 Very good reasons why you should go with CAT 7 cabling.

1. You will get more value for your money.
Todays cost of CAT 7 cable works out at around 62 pence per metre. The average house installation requires around 750 m of cabling.Which will work out to about £500 for the whole network. For such a small total investment, the savings available from using the lesser quality material is really not worth considering.

2.Future Proof
Speed is always going to be important, so it makes sense to buy the best now, and be ready for future updates. CAT 7 cabling enables you to create the most flexible and expandable system available, which will certainly save you from having the cost of future rewiring.

CAT 7 boxed cable gibsontech

3. More copper is better.
For a system that has less voltage drop and much more power, you need to go for CAT 7. It has a copper cross section much larger even than CAT 5. Making CAT 7 individual cores far better to manipulate.

4. You get double sheilding
CAT 7, compared to say CAT 5 is many times more resilient to interference, because each twinned pair is sheilded, and it also has an overall shield too. Making this the most interference resilient ethernet cable available today.

So our advice.... if you haven't already guessed... is when wiring your new home or re wiring for todays fast internet, always go for the best cabling option, which right now is CAT 7.

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