What is VoIP, and could it be an option for your business?

VoIP is the system that is changing the way people are thinking about long distance telephone calling. Voip stands for Voice Over Inernet Protocol, which basically is a method of turning regular analogue signals from a telephone, changing them into a digital data signal, the can then be sent via the internet to the receiving person.

This basically makes it possible for a regular internet connection to be able to place free telephone calls. The software that you need for Voip enables you to pass by the telephone company and all of its charges, and make free calls instead.

Businesses are finding that they can massively reduce their telephone costs by changing to a Voip system. Many Voip providers have been supplying this service for several years, and recently the major telephone companies are getting in on the act also.

A voip system can mean just a basic computer to computer call, such as Skype for instance, or it can utilise an analogue to digital converter, whereby you plug a regular telephone into the converter box. This is then connected to your internet connection. You make calls as usual through your regular telephone, but it is routed instead through the internet to the receiver, which can be a regular phone user at the other end. Bypassing the phone company and giving free calls.

All of the usual additional services are also available, such as call forwarding, call waiting, call routing and voice mail etc.

One of our latest customers was a medium sized carpet and flooring business, that has shops and offices in various locations across the UK. They were moving location and decided to look at their communication options.

We were able to provide a package of data cabling, which gave them all of the computer and networking solutions that they needed at the new office location, but that also takes advantage of voip technology. The company now has no regular telephone landline connections at all, just voip and mobile telephones.

voip diagram gibsontech

The carpet cleaning business has already begun to save money, and the projected savings over the next 3 years will more than offset the cost of moving premises.

If you are interested in more information on voip telephone packages, contact us for a more detailed assessment.