Welcome to Gibsontech, where we specialise in providing IT suppor and computer repairs and ethernet cabling and networking for our customer in the East Midlands area. We are able to repair and update multiple office computers, or just single laptops, and offer a friendly and reliable service to our loyal customers.

Just some of our services include:
Custom PC's
Remote support
Hardware and Software upgrades
Server solutions
Business Networks
Mac repairs and service

computer repairs

We are happy to deliver no obligation advice on servicing and repair of computers and networking systems. Remote access is ideal for home based and office computing systems.

Our technicians are able to access your computers from our location, and take care of your computer problems, updates, network and data loss situations. We also offer to take care of computer infections such as viruses and malware, performance problems and hardware and memory failures.

We can check and repair overheating problems, take care of slow running problems, data back up, computer resetting and general maintenance of laptop, desktop and cabling systems.

Computer viruses, infections and spyware can have a devastating effect on small businesses that do not have their own on site IT specialist. At Gibsontech we are able to quickly visit your location, assess the situation that is affecting your network, and supply a soloution that will get you back up and running in as short a time as possible.

Network and computer breakdowns cost small business hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue and data in the UK each year. One of our local businesses here in Nottingham suffered from just such a problem earlier this year.

This local handyman business was affected by a virus, and was not able to access data and take care of invoicing and banking needs. After a quick visit, we were able to scan and remove the disabling virus, set up regular maintenance service for the future, and get the business back up and running within a couple of hours, saving time and money.

network repairs

In many situations a crippling virus or malware can be moved quickly by remote access, so the equipment can stay on site and be up and running more quickly. As experts in ethernet cabling and networking, Gibsontech can also diagnose and repair or replace any problems with wireless or network cabling that may occur in any size of business.

Our technicians can quickly replace any faulty cabling and bring the network back to life in a short time.

Whatever your computer or networking needs, contact us at Gibsontech for free no obligation advice today.