IPTV in Spain, Portugal and Around the World

You’ve probably heard of live TV streams that you can get on the internet. There are so many options for video entertainment on the internet these days, it makes you think, why even have a TV at all. Especially when a lot of the most expensive TV services in the UK are just that. EXPENSIVE! SKY TV and Virgin Media are at least £40 a month for the full package and that’s only for the first 12 months then as you’d expect, the price goes up.

So what are the other options? Well, Youtube for one is a fantastic resource for almost any TV show, not brand new sure, but older series are almost all there. Plus there are lots of low budget channels out there with very funny content that make TV shows every week. You can subscribe and get alerts when these new episodes are released and then watch on demand.

Lots of terrestrial TV channels in the UK have on demand services available online. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. all have on demand TV services in which you can usually watch 12 or so hours after the show was aired on live TV and is usually available on their system for up to a month. As the TV shows are not live, no TV license is needed to watch them as long as you are in the UK.

If you live abroad, not in the UK. To use these services a Proxy or VPN service is needed to trick the websites into believing you are in the UK and lots are available. Some are paid and some are free. If you are using a regular browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, there is an extension at Hola.org which is free so you can use almost any OnDemand service in the world and it’s completely free.

There is also a great free service to use called Filmon, this allows you to watch British terrestrial TV anywhere in the world from your PC, all without a proxy or VPN, it’s so easy.

However, all these services require a PC usually and unless you want to watch it on a small laptop screen, you would need to use an HDMI cable from your laptop to you HD TV. This can be a bit clunky sometimes. There are some other options available though.

IPTV is an up and coming service and is used to stream live TV from the UK to anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection. 2 meg broadband is the minimum recommend and it works great whether you’re in the UK or not. You get a small box that connects to your TV and with a remote you can control UK TV as if you were in the UK. There is a great TV guide system that shows what’s on now and next and even built in on demand catchup TV and on demand films. There are some great channels available from around £20 a month including all SKY Sports and SKY movie packages.

This is a service offered by a great company called IPTV Abroad and their service is quick and you can be up and running in no time.