Computer Networking

At Gibontech we have years of experience in maintaining computer networks, installing and cabling networks for office and home use, and all types of computer support and repair. We are able to cable your office, small business or home and network your office with remote workers or multi office locations.

The Small Home Office
SOHO networks as they are termed generally refer to networks that have between 1 and 30 users, which may be in several offices in the same building. These networks would generally have just 1 access point, have no central management in place, and a fairly basic network wiring and security. It is however ideal for internet and file sharing, Voip, server sharing and some remote access for the users.

ethernet cabling

The Small Network
This type of setup usually handles from 30 to 100 users, which would be in several offices based in 1 building. This type of network will have a more advanced security set up, which would include a level of threat management, central management, wireless networking and several access points.

The Medium Size Network
Networks that cover several buildings, more than 100 users in multiple offices and remote access is usually termed a medium size network. Also available is better central management, multiple access points, more advanced threat management and advanced cabling installation.

We have installation packages available to help small businesses scale up their computer networking systems with both ethernet cabling and wireless access for easy file and printer sharing and fast internet access.

A good example would be a local Nottingham Roofing company that we installed a small business ethernet installation to provide automated back up and voip telephone services, as well as multiple access points. This system has streamlined the companies data handling and helped to simplify customer email and reduce telephone costs.

The Distribution Network
This type of network is the backbone of a data management system for any company, delivering shared telephone services, internet services, can be accessed by more that one company and is able to provide service for hundreds of users.Gibsontech has its own DNS servers, so can provide Dynamic DNS, upstream proxies and hosting.

Our ethernet cabling service is second to none, and our networking skills can take any small to large business take its network to the next level. Contact us via the contact page on this website to discuss your requirements.